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Astrid Zeman

Astrid Zeman

Astrid Zeman is a vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, trombone, piano) who creates live, ambient soundscapes using a loop pedal. By plucking, tapping, scratching, strumming, knocking and singing into resonant cavities, Astrid manipulates each instrument in multiple ways to extract its full range of frequencies and textures. Through recent explorations of her physical self as an instrument, she has learnt throat and harmonic singing alongside body percussion and mouth manipulations including tongue clicking. Her compositions often contrast organic, embodied sounds with electronic manipulations and distortions.

Astrid’s performances are all created live with nothing pre-recorded, making her looping tracks visually as well as aurally engaging. Her music has featured on Listen Record’s debut compilation album of all Australian female and LGBTQIA+ artists, which was released on 3rd Oct 2015. She self-released her debut EP on 13th November 2015 and in January 2016 founded and co-directed the EAROPUND Women’s Music Festival to promote greater representation of female and transgender artists in the music scene.


Currently based: Sydney

PhotoL Nay San