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Donna Hewitt

Donna Hewitt

Dr. Donna Hewitt is a performer, vocalist, electronic music composer and instrument designer. Her primary interest in recent years has been exploring gesture in mediatized performance environments and new ways of interfacing the voice with electronic media. She is the inventor of the eMic, a sensor enhanced microphone stand for electronic music performance which she has been developing and performing works with both locally and internationally for the past 11 years.

She is the co-founder (with Julian Knowles) of the audio-visual performance group Macrophonics. Her work has attracted frequent funding from the Australia Council for the Arts, most recently with all female collective Lady Electronica. The collective presented a live showcase of their work at the Judith Wright Centre in Nov 2012 following a year of development with input from renowed artists including Scott Horscroft and Gotye.

Donna has undertaken a number of residencies including STEIM (Amsterdam) in 2010 – an internationally renowned centre for research and development of instruments & tools for performers in the electronic performance arts, as well as Legs on the Wall In 2012. Performance highlights include TES (Canada), ISEA, Brisbane Festival, SEAM, Understanding Visual Music (Canada), ICMC (USA, Ireland, UK), Liquid Architecture,Great Escape Festival, dis-orientation, sound-no-sound, and 1/4 Inch. Donna holds a PhD in voice, electronic music and new interfaces and has held academic positions at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Queensland University of Technology.

Currently based: Sydney, NSW