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France Jobin

France Jobin

France Jobin is a sound / installation / artist, composer, and curator residing in Montreal, whose audio art, qualified as “sound-sculpture”, reveals a minimalist approach to complex sound environments where analog and digital intersect. Her installations incorporate both musical and visual elements inspired by the architecture of physical spaces. Her work can be “experienced” internationally in varied music venues and new technology festivals, such as Mutek, Flussi, FIMAV, SEND + RECEIVE, Club Transmediale, ISEA RUHR 2010, surface tension tour Japan.

Jobin has solo recordings on many renowned labels, mainly ROOM40 (AU), LINE (US), nvo (AT), Baskaru (FR) and ATAK (JP). Her sound art is also part of countless compilation albums.

Her installations have been presented in Austria, France, at the Venezuela Biennale, the Torrance Art Museum in Los Angeles, and at ISEA RUHR 2010. In 2011, Jobin was one of five international artists to present her sound installation, Entre-Deux, in the new media exhibit Data/Fields, curated by Richard Chartier in the Washington, DC area, along with Ryoji Ikeda, Mark Fell, Caleb Coppock, and Andy Graydon.

immersound”, a concert event/philosophy initiated by Jobin, proposes a dedicated listening environment to seek out/explore new experiences in the listening process. First produced in 2011 at Oboro in Montreal, she continues to curate and produce the event.

She was a finalist at the Sonic Arts Awards 2014(IT) in the Sonic Research category. In January 2013, the Conseil québécois de la musique awarded France Jobin with the prestigious Opus Prize for Concert of the year – Category Musiques Actuelle, électroacoustique for her concert at AKOUSMA 8.

France Jobin’s work continues to evolve as technologies enable her to create new environments.


Currently based: Montreal, Canada