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Jodi Moore (EchoZilla)

Jodi Moore (EchoZilla)

EchoZilla is a new sonic art project lead by multi-instrumentalist and electronics tinkerer Jodi Moore. We play spontaneous instrumental soundtracks for the films of the imagination. There’s a strong experimental flavour but elements of accessible melody and rhythm too. It’s an improvised hybrid of electronic instruments and effects and traditional stringed instruments.

EchoZilla are; Jodi Moore – electronical violin & mandolin, tiny little effects boxes.
Nick Larkins – bass VI, guitar, resonator, theremin, boxes of dirt and echo.

Jodi Moore is a classically trained violinist and mandolin player who released two albums and toured with award winning band Dirty Lucy. She has also recorded and performed with The Oily Girls and ARIA Award winning artist Monique Brumby.

Nick Larkins is a multi-instrumentalist from Tasmania who was a member of ARIA Award winning band Wild Pumpkins At Midnight. Larkins has also recorded, toured and performed with acts Monique Brumby, Dan Rumour (The Cruel Sea), Rebecca Barnard (Rebecca’s Empire), Chris WIlson, Kerri Simpson. He has collaborated with Indigenous musicians for over 20 years and plays in The Deans, winners of the AGE Music Victoria award for best indigenous act 2014.