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Manja Ristic

Manja Ristic

Born in Belgrade 1979. violinist, sound artists, curator and researcher mostly active in the field of electro-acoustics, instrumental improv & experimental sound related arts. Graduated at the Belgrade Music Academy, then gained PGDip at the RCM, London. In the past years focused on developing own notation system (Violin Revealed, Alternative Guide to Violin’s Sonic Life) integrating intuitive graphics with microtonal instrumental approaches as well as development of cognitive memory in conceptual AV performance.

Sound art merges instrumental improv experience with field recording and electronics, building concept of listening as an act and frequency dynamics catalyst.

Collaborates with wide range of artists & performers. Manja is a founder of the Association of Multimedia Artists Auropolis (since 2004) & editor of ArtSync web radio, permanent stream dedicated to experimental sound related arts.