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Nicola Morton

Nicola Morton

Village Spiritual Sounds, Meditating in the analog underground, Disturbing digital drone, Free improvisation – since 2001. Nicola Morton is a sonic kitsune 狐

(2004) Bachelor of Music Technology, Queensland Conservatorium of Music
(2001- present) EQUALIZER 24K solo bedroom bass/formless noise
(2006-2010) ABBAABBA Berlin idiot savant improv
(2010) LIFE IS A RUBIKS CUBE – chance based composition/graphical and standard scores for ensemble
(2011-present) WARDENBURGER freak folk improv
(2012-present) CLUB SOUND WITCHES – minimal techno improv
(2012 –present) BAD INTENTIONS – japan minor music/improve
(2013 – present) TRACEY – all-girl improv
(2015) Masters of Fine Arts – Clairvoyance-Post-Internet-New Pyschedelic

insane shortwave and tape destruct, coming over like EVP recordings of a small child being held captive by minds from other realities until the whole deal explodes… occult stylings of a P.A.R.A w/a more disobedient Silicon Teens>Instant Automatons style. Yeah!” – David Keanan 2014


Currently based: Brisbane, QLD, Australia