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Riz Maslen

Riz Maslen

Riz Maslen, who records as Neotropic and Small Fish With Spine, has been described as one of the most prominent women composers working in post-techno experimental electronics. In addition to her warm electronic programming, Maslen’s music also embraces folk, psychedelic pop and her interest in experimental filmmaking.

The media has warmly received her seven albums on Ninja Tune, Oxygen Music Works, Mush Recordings, R&S and Squids Eye. She’s performed globally over the past decade at events including LA’s Coachella concert series and Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Neotropic’s live shows have always focused on creating a cinematic journey for the audience with the inclusion of her dark photographic and film imagery.

Riz has worked with many artists who have collaborated on many of her music projects including Nick McCabe (The Verve), Low, Kaffe Matthews (sound artist) and Brian Dougans (FSOL).

In the last few years her work has branched into more sound design and composition working both collaboratively with artists, and developing her own solo sound and visual installations. In the summer of 2012 Riz embarked on the trip of a lifetime to one for the most remote areas of the threatened heart of the Borneo rainforest, in Central Kalimantan. Being part of an international team of explorers, scientists and capacity builders who work with remote forest communities to help protect their environment and culture. Her role was to document the stories of the local people, and those of the expedition team, predominantly through sound and film.