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Rosalind Hall

Rosalind Hall

Rosalind Hall works with a multitude of sound technologies and tools such as a modified saxophone, home made instruments, percussion, field recordings and processing software to create live music and soundtracks.

Rosalind’s current solo performance work explores how a space can form an extension to a body, her limbs and saxophone evaporate from consciousness as the music she plays transforms the environment and exposes inner worlds. Using multiple microphones on her horn and throat to amplify her pulse and labouring breath, as well as speakers, volume pedals and equalisation to form undulating feedback, Rosalind is attempting to create a shared experience of the transparency and dependency between body, instrument and presence.

Rosalind collaborates and performs with local experimental and improvisatory musicians David Brown, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Amanda Stewart and Jim Denley and composes soundtracks for Snuff Puppets, a Melbourne based giant puppet company. She has released solo and collaborative work independently and through labels Avant Whatever, Corpus Collosum Records, pan y rosas discos, Swarming Records and EcoSono. Rosalind is currently the producer, in partnership with Robin Fox and Wally De Backer (Gotye), for a comprehensive LP of Percy Grainger’s 1950s Free Music instrument recordings due for release in 2016. She has also received an Australia Council grant to reassemble a number of Grainger’s Free Music instruments for display at the Grainger Museum in Melbourne.

Rosalind has performed in Australian festivals such as the Now Now, Liquid Architecture, SummerSalt, Sound Out, Electrofringe, and Melbourne Festival and internationally at LEM (Sp), Breathing Sounds (Tai), iiii (Nz) and Konfrontation (At). She has exhibited compositions for Melbourne Now at the National Gallery of Victoria, the Adelaide Festival at Level One, Parisonic Hear and Now Festival at Instants Chavirés, Montreuil (Fr), Museruole On the Air (It), Always Moving Festival at Gertrude Contemporary Art Space and Screen Space Melbourne. Rosalind has also undertaken performance residencies in regional areas of Australia such as Punctum’s White Space in Castlemaine, the West Space Bogong AIR festival and Alan Lamb’s Dwellingup Arts Lab.



Currently based: Melbourne, Vic, Australia