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Roslyn Helper

Roslyn Helper

Roslyn Helper is an artist and curator interested in the effects of new technologies on society, culture and politics. Roslyn holds a BA (media communications) from the University of Sydney and an MA in Arts Politics from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. She is the current Artistic Director of Electrofringe ( and has curated exhibitions and events including ISEA (2013), This in Not Art (2013), Vivid Ideas (2014) and the Brisbane Powerhouse (2015).

Roslyn is an advocate for experimental technology-based art and sound. Her thinking and practice is inextricably linked to the contemporary environment: the networked society, unbounded freedom of information, free market economies, crowd-sourced cultural capital, and the increasingly blurred online/ offline divide. She is dedicated to promoting and presenting work that illuminates, challenges and furthers us via new platforms of expression.


Currently based: Sydney, NSW, Australia