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Sky High Diamonds

Sky High Diamonds

Sky High Diamonds is the musical outlet of Sarah Gatter who defines herself as an experimental DIY sound poet.

Inspired by a combination of acoustic sounds, electronic sources, pre recorded and spontaneous sounds, Sarah also develops homemade percussion to explore space and rhythm. Her work takes on a poetical formation through the use of chanting and physical movement alongside meditative and trancelike vocals and harmonies. She works with drums, beats & pulsing drone-like vibrations, which become the backbone for further constructing sounds and vocals in layers and textures. All of this is then stripped back before presenting to the listener. Her vocal is often described as “haunting”, “siren like” and “lost” and she utilises this atmospheric device to great effect. Sarah is not afraid to disturb the listener: “My creative sound works are rarely about pretty things, they pendulum somewhere between well-being and overwhelming discomfort. My tracks often enjoy dismantling themselves.”

Many of her musical ideas, lyrics and concepts are taken from life experiences, which are then translated into a sound poetry/music format, often incorporating and re-imagining the sounds from the original experience.

Sarah completed an experimental 10-track collection, Helioglobe, in 2016, which was released by the Bristol based punk DIY label DigitalDIZZY. The collection was partly inspired by the sounds that penetrated and collected in the loft space where she writes and records.

Her newest works for 2017 are emerging within four separate collections entitled:

  • night poetry
  • Vocal Only Experimentations
  • Beats. Breath. Silence.
  • Broken Book of Bedtime StoriesAll works are created & fine tuned in a loft in Cornwall.

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