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Vanessa Zaurrini

Vanessa Zaurrini

Vanessa is a Montreal based music composer and sound designer, working in a wide variety of fields including film, theatre and dance. Using sound to facilitate narratives and create stories of her own, she spends most of her days immersed in a laboratory of noise and electronics, where every object is a potential instrument. Her areas of interest include decoding the compositions of soundscapes, researching trends in cityscapes, and experimenting with the idea of une niche fréquentielle, or a frequency niche from which her next story will unfold. She can be found attending workshops and classes, in the middle of deep collaborations or roaming streets and deserted hallways with a recorder in hand.

As a member of the Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk), she has performed 22:22 with Ariane Moffat at the MAC and an improvisational piece at Soirée ondes vaporeuses hosted by Akousma festival (Oct. 2016). Her work has appeared in many interdisciplinary projects including theatre piece Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo (2015); dance piece Lumen Extra Terram presented at Festival Phénomena (2015); and animation 84 Days in Asia (2015) screened at over 15 festivals around the world including the Rubber International Festival of Music on Cinema.


Currently based: Montreal, Quebec