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Audible Women is an online directory for female-identifying, trans and non-binary artists who make sound, sound art, noise and music (acoustic or electronic) with a bit of an experimental and exploratory bent—interpret that as you will.


There are those of us out there making things that can be heard but it seems that sometimes we are a too hard to find.  This is evidenced by the gender imbalance we still see in festivals and gigs of all genres.

It’s not a separatists gesture—an us against them thing—nor is it a ghettoisation. It’s simply a big list of female-identifying, trans and non-binary artists with experimental tendencies that can be readily consulted when a booker thinks “well they are not out there.”

Here we are.


Audible Women has been started by Gail Priest. I am a sound artist, writer and curator.

As an artist I want to be found and asked to play gigs. (Like many women, I tend not to ask for gigs but wait to be asked.)

As a producer of small experimental gigs I want to be able to find more non-males to play. And since I started Audible Women this has become a lot easier!

I don’t want to program women just because they are women, I want to program them because they make up half the world, they make interesting music and more of it should be heard.


Audible Women is open to submissions from female-identifying, trans and non-binary artists who make experimental art that is audible. You can submit your info here.